Top Games Way Terms and Conditions


There is one basic rule: The visitors should vote on their own. You should not trick any visitor to vote for your website it they don't want to. 

Any attempt to cheat will result in your website being banned from the list. This includes but is not limited to spamming and and proxy voting. Your Staff should be notified that such methods of voting are unacceptable, and therefore they shouldn't help in such activities. 

Sites dedicated to hacking, cracking, or its related actions are not allowed

Sites that display adult content of any kind are not allowed

You are allowed to have the voting link wherever you want, including inside the game, Facebook, Twitter... But it is required to have the voting link shown on the normal design of your website. If the voting link it's not in the website the site will be taken off the list until it meets this rule. 

You are not allowed to make the voting link popup unrequested anywhere. 

We don't provide any warning or notification if your site is removed. 

Currency sellers and exploit sites are not allowed. If you wish to advertise, you can contact us. 

If you believe that another site is cheating or not complying with these rules, do not hesitate in contacting Top Games Way.