What is Top Games Way and how does it work?


The site ranking depends on the number of incoming votes. An incoming vote occurs when a visitor clicks on the Top Games Way voting link on your site. We take advanced anti-cheating measures in order to ensure the list remains free of cheaters.

Outgoing hits (Out) are how many visitors the top list sends to your website.

Every site should put a link on its pages. The more visitors click that link, the higher ranking will the site get. If a site has a high ranking then more visitors will go from Top Games Way to your site.

"IN" is a hit from your website.
"OUT" is a visitor we send to your website.

Sites as Top Games Way are called traffic generators because the "OUT" visitors are higher than the "IN" visitors. This happens because people use to visit more than one site in the top list.

The benefits are that sites with higher ranking are usually better than sites with lower ranking. Anyone can optimize a site for search engines but getting people to vote for you is an entirely different matter.

Also, when you register your site we automatically post a welcome message in our Twitter and Facebook page.

If you need any help please use the contact form.